Challices Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale

Challices is a high class fruit and vegetable wholesaler delivering the freshest fruit and vegetables to our customers in the South West.

By consistently providing exceptional produce and customer service we have grown steadily and built up an outstanding reputation with local hotels and restaurants.

We provide the best quality produce sourced locally and globally with a service that is tailored to our customer's needs.

Contact Challices today to experience our unrivalled produce and service.

Proud of local produce

There is a wealth of local growers here in the South West and we source as much as we can from the area.

Most of our farmers are within 20 miles of Totnes and local produce is always clearly marked on our invoices so you in turn can highlight this to your customers

Of course we do not limit ourselves to local produce and can also source the finest global produce through our Covent Garden agents.

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We focus on service

Our customers rely on our consistently high level of quality and availability with delivery times that are tailored to suit them. We sell most items by box, kg and each, where applicable, giving you the flexibility to buy exactly the quantity you require.

We are available to discuss seasonal produce and guide you to the best value goods and as part of our service we also provide an emergency second run and will always collect any good boxes for reusing.

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