The best locally grown fruit and vegetables

There is a wealth of local growers here in the South West and we source as much as we can from the area. Most of our farmers are within 20 miles of Totnes. Local produce is always clearly marked on our invoices so you in turn can highlight this to your customers

Our local farms provide Devon's finest broccoli, leeks, swede, courgettes, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and just about every variety of cabbage you could want. We also source local butternut squash and mixed squash which includes the very popular crown prince or blue pumpkin.

Staples aside, we stock local romanesque cauliflower, purple sprouting, black russian kale and candy and golden beetroot. As you can see there are always great options of local vegetables to put on your specials board.

Fantastic quality local fruit is available seasonally and during the summer we source excellent cherries as well as various lettuces, watercress, parsley and a selection of herbs.

Our two local potatoes growers provide us year-round with a good all-rounder (marfona, estima or wilja) as well as a good roasting & chipping potato (generally piper or markies).

We use an excellent mushroom grower from Somerset where we buy nearly all our button and flat mushrooms. We have a full range of outstanding quality herbs and local micro leaf herbs which must be tried. These can be pre-ordered to guarantee you receive the special mix you require.

Global produce and exotics

As our service is defined by ensuring all our customer needs are met, we ensure we are able to provide all produce required. Common exotics are now widely available such as bok choi, starfruit and baby vegetables.

At Covent Garden we use a team of buyers who price and quality check the ordinary produce and have close relationships with the niche market stalls. It is from here we can source the rare or difficult to obtain items such as grelot onions, crosne artichokes or lotus root.